ANGRYCOPS Tees and Hoodies were inspired by ANGRYCOPS, who has over 158,000 Followers on Facebook and 80,000 followers on Instagram!


ANGRYCOPS is a Facebook and Instagram account dedicated to humanizing military and police culture. Following ANGRYCOPS on Instagram and Facebook is sure to bring a smile to your face and prove that Soldiers and Law Enforcers are people too!

With approval of course, TEN8GEAR has collaborated with ANGRYCOPS to produce multi-colored, printed, high resolution apparel.


Ten-codes, officially known as ten-signals, are brevity codes used to represent common phrases in law enforcement communication. To go "Ten8" (10-8) means the officer is going in-service or available for calls. Our appeal shows the support of first-responders, military and law enforcers who are or have been in-service. TEN8GEAR is a small company who makes apparel, which is LEO owned and operated by a full-time officer, currently walking the Thin Blue Line.